Banner title: Digital Artist, Photographer, and Software

Digital Artist, Photographer, and Software Engineer

My artistic style spans a broad range including surrealism, minimalism, photographic, and midcentury modern. From retro sign illustrations to whimsical and sci-fi type digital images, I have exhibited my work in traditional art galleries as well as online. With regard to my artistic process, I sometimes imagine new art pieces while falling asleep at night or just relaxing doing nothing and then I bring those to life thereafter which brings me a lot of joy. One might notice that I have distinct different styles of art. Some might think this is a liability but I'd like to think it's an asset.

In early 2022, I first learned about NFTs and quickly became very passionate about NFT art and all the possibilities it holds. I have been studying and learning all I can about this newfound passion and have recently sold a few pieces including a 1/1 on Currently, my NFT artworks appear on OpenSea as well as on

In the latter half of this year, my hope is to expand my horizons in terms of planting roots on a few specialty NFT sites.

~ Danny Englander / June, 2022

Recent Art and NFT Projects